It all started one Thanksgiving week when Brad Sterrett, founder of Royal Blue Carpet Cleaning, had been given the task of cleaning out the spare bedroom for some family guests coming in town.  After clearing out the room, he discovered the carpet was in pretty bad shape – it had a few ripples, smelled kind of funny, and it just looked gross! No way did he want his guests to see it that way!

His wife, Annie, called a carpet cleaner with a “special” and soon discovered that if they wanted the carpet really clean, the special didn’t apply and it would cost a lot more than that by the time they were done. Was it worth it!?  Annie is a realtor and said, “you know, I bet I have a lot of clients that need carpet cleaning, but don’t want to deal with someone they don’t trust coming in their home and charging an arm and a leg for mediocre results”.

That got Brad thinking. What if I had powerful, truck mounted equipment that would remove all the dirt, dander, and allergens embedded in the carpet!?  I could receive training from the industry’s best professionals, and I would be honest, reliable, personable and really care about doing a great job!  And make it more affordable! From that Royal Blue Carpet Cleaning was born!

That was seven years ago and today Brad is regarded as a reliable, top quality carpet cleaner, used quite often by homeowners and realtors across the Johnson County Area. And boy, does his wife have some amazing stories to tell!


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